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Welcome to the Coaches Corner!

First off, Thank you for volunteering to be a coach at Ocean Township Little League.  Without your help and dedication to the development of our kids, our league wold be nothing.  We've created this page to help guide you through some general questions you might have and to let you know what is expected of you as an OTLL coach.  Remember - You are a role model for these kids.  Teach them about positive sportsmanship and how it's not about winning but how you play the game.  If you need any assistance, please reach out to your respective coaching coordinators; Tom Fitterer for Softball and Darren Barrett for Baseball.

Ocean Township Little League

Ocean Township Little League is a non-profit organization operated by dedicated volunteers. OTLL's mission is to provide an environment that fosters safety, security, and positive sportsmanship models to children of the community.

Scheduling of Makeup Games: 
In the event of a canceled game, Coaches please coordinate with each other and review the "Full Schedule by Field" Excel file below to find an open date on your selected field.  Once you have a date, please submit it to Amy Volek for approval at

  1. Full Schedule by Field - Click here to download an Excel file which lists the current schedule of games by field location. (Last updated 7/1/19)
  2. Complete Schedules by Division - Click here to view the League Active One schedules page.  Once on the site, select your Division from the drop down menu.

General Responsibilities: 
As a coach for OTLL you are responsible for the development of your team, pre-game field preparation, post-game field maintenance and snack bar team assignments.

  1. Development of Team - Teams will have at least one practice a week at a locaton and time set forth by the coach.
  2. Pre-game field preparation - Designated "Home" team is responsible for pre-game field prep.  Fields should be prepped and ready 15 minutes prior to game start.  All materials are located either in the shed near the snack bar or garage near Colt Field. Any questions contact Jason Chumura OTLL Facilities Manager.
  3. Post-game field maintenance - "Home" and "Visiting" teams are responsible for field / dugout cleanup.  After the game, all team members must clean up any garbage or empty bottles and throw them in the proper waste containers.  Let's teach our kids to be responisble and to leave an area better than the way they found it.
  4. Snack Bar team assignments - NEW for 2019 - Each OTLL team will be responsible for staffing the snack bar at least 2 shifts during the season.  Coaches will designate a team parent to coordinate shift assignments.  Snack bar dates for each team will be provided to the assigned Coach.  Each shift is 4 hours from 5pm - 9pm.  Any questions, please reach out to Vin Volek OTLL President.
  5. Work Party - The high quality of our fields do not happen by chance. Work details for the 2019 season will be held at the dates/times listed on our home page.  Please ensure that your team has at least one representative (Mgr or Coach) at each Work Party.